The Student View

Feedback was invited from students as part of their course evaluation. Here are a selection of comments directly related to the use of media in their course.

“I found it very useful to watch the videos, as it allowed me to go back & fully understand the process.”
“Found the videos really useful. Particularly the video of our personal feedback as it’s easier to refresh your memory from watching this.”
“Very useful – I liked being able to watch the videos over and over!”
“I felt the online resources were very useful to look over in my own time.”
“Without the videos in which [the tutor] talked through the steps, I wouldn’t have found it so easy! Will keep watching to keep it fresh in my mind!”
“I really like that the tutors do the videos themselves and it is really useful. Full of information.”
“The videos were very effective and anything I didn’t get in the lesson I learnt from the videos.”
“The videos were useful as I watched them before the lesson so it made the lesson a lot easier as it was the second time hearing how to do everything.”
“Being able to review tutor feedback and understanding it at my own pace.”

Here is one student speaking about how they used the pattern cutting videos.

We also interviewed a small number of students about their experiences.