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Lessons Learned

We found that while some of the students preferred presenting in front of their peers, there were others who found the task quite unsettling. While it is important for students to develop the confidence to present to others, it is also vital that the experience is not so uncomfortable that it damages their confidence. Carrying out these tasks in smaller groups may be one way of dealing with such issues. As individuals become more comfortable with presenting to a smaller group, they can be encouraged to make presentations in front of larger groups. It is also important that they are […]


Overall, feedback suggests that the students are finding the resources and the approaches useful. A substantial amount of students who completed module evaluations felt that the video resources offered them opportunities to review modular content. Some students felt that the resources made possible the potential to learn any time and any where as they were accessible via multiple devices. Some students felt that one of the main benefits the resources offered was the ability to see the areas of their work the tutors were talking about. It was felt this offered a degree of clarity that written feedback was not […]

Our Approach

Charlie met with Ann and established what it was she wanted to do, why and how. This involved discussing what the learning objectives for the module were and ensuring that the resources created were appropriate for the intended outcomes. On identifying the basic design of the resources, Rob was asked to identify ways in which Panopto could be used for providing feedback on students’ designs and presentations. A key part of their stage of the process was considering how any Blackboard could be used as an anchor point for the various resources Ann created, including the expositional pattern cutting videos. […]

Why we did it?

Ann Providing the students with opportunities to recap on what they had learned in class as Ann noticed that they were not taking notes as such. She also wanted to keep abreast with the latest use of technology in education as she believes that technology is changing the way in which we learn, teach and assess.Ann also wanted to encourage the students to use the personal journals within Blackboard in order to document, visually and textually, their own designs and learning processes. Charlie We wanted to create resources which students could access across a range of spaces at times of […]

What we did

Using a range of approaches, we created video resources which supported students a pre, during and post intervals of their engagement with modular assignments. The videos included recordings of pattern cutting processes as well as recordings of conversations between staff and students during feedback sessions and presentations. The students also used their own personal mobile devices to capture, archive and reflect on their own work via their personal blogs within Blackboard. The approaches converged to provide students with a variety of resources which supported their learning in and out of the studio-based environments they were working in.