We found that while some of the students preferred presenting in front of their peers, there were others who found the task quite unsettling. While it is important for students to develop the confidence to present to others, it is also vital that the experience is not so uncomfortable that it damages their confidence. Carrying out these tasks in smaller groups may be one way of dealing with such issues. As individuals become more comfortable with presenting to a smaller group, they can be encouraged to make presentations in front of larger groups. It is also important that they are given adequate opportunities to discuss the reason for doing presentations in such a way. This can help put them at ease and where necessary find alternative modes of assessment for those individuals extremely uncomfortable with presenting in this manner.
One student felt that it would be useful to have a copy of questions to be asked before each presentation. This would provide the students with a familiar framework of inquiry with which to focus their reflection on particular areas of their work. The framework could be adapted to reflect their development in terms of subject knowledge and skills. The framework would need to be flexible enough for tutors and students to ask questions which may result from particular lines of inquiry being taken.
Some of the students felt the use of the iPad as a video camera was unsettling and intrusive when feedback was given on presentations.
Multiple stakeholders were involved in the process of creating and providing students with the video resources they received. We found that often the services of different departments were required to make things run smoothly. The experiences we gained from identifying points of contact and the help they offered were invaluable in creating a workflow other tutors can use when undertaking work of this nature.
While people valued being able to access the resources via a range of devices at times which suited them, it was still the quality of the knowledge shared with them which was the most important thing. Several people commented on how knowledgeable Ann seemed and more importantly how reassuring her presence was. This demonstrates the importance of identifying the needs of the audience and communicating with them in a manner which is easy for them to comprehend.