Charlie met with Ann and established what it was she wanted to do, why and how. This involved discussing what the learning objectives for the module were and ensuring that the resources created were appropriate for the intended outcomes. On identifying the basic design of the resources, Rob was asked to identify ways in which Panopto could be used for providing feedback on students’ designs and presentations. A key part of their stage of the process was considering how any Blackboard could be used as an anchor point for the various resources Ann created, including the expositional pattern cutting videos. After these initial planning stages, Ann familiarised herself with the different aspects of the process, ensuring that there was a high degree of synchronicity not only with the different technologies she was using, but also the instructional processes she was using. Satisfied that a coherent workflow was in place, Ann, and members of her team, began to use the technological processes in an active capacity to provide feedback and support to students. During this process, feedback on the resources and the processes involved was elicited from the students to inform future designs.