Overall, feedback suggests that the students are finding the resources and the approaches useful. A substantial amount of students who completed module evaluations felt that the video resources offered them opportunities to review modular content. Some students felt that the resources made possible the potential to learn any time and any where as they were accessible via multiple devices.
Some students felt that one of the main benefits the resources offered was the ability to see the areas of their work the tutors were talking about. It was felt this offered a degree of clarity that written feedback was not always able to get across. Some students stated that the video feedback allowed them to step back from their designs and see things about them they may have otherwise missed. For some students, the tone of voice used by tutors helped them to better understand what it was they intended to communicate.
One student who has Dyspraxia highlighted how for him the video feedback was more accessible in terms of the clarity of what the tutors were trying to communicate.