Visualiser video
Providing the students with opportunities to recap on what they had learned in class as Ann noticed that they were not taking notes as such. She also wanted to keep abreast with the latest use of technology in education as she believes that technology is changing the way in which we learn, teach and assess.Ann also wanted to encourage the students to use the personal journals within Blackboard in order to document, visually and textually, their own designs and learning processes.
We wanted to create resources which students could access across a range of spaces at times of their choosing via multiple devices. Using Blackboard as a central hub, provided an anchor point with which to make the resources available and also to ensure that everyone on the course had access to them no matter what device they were using to access them. Driving the creation of the resources, was a desire to create, over time, a repository of institutional resources students across the Fashion courses can use.
Like Charlie, Rob saw a role for Panopto beyond capturing lectures, particularly with mobile devices to increase the potential for resources to be created and utilised across a range of spaces. He had been looking at various online apps, which included screen capture, audio and video services, tutors might potentially use for feedback purposes. Working with Ann and Charlie, demonstrated that while mobile devices increased the possibility to give feedback anywhere and at different times, tutors still had to deal with issues such as security and processing times. With the former, there were concerns about were data was stored and who had access to it. There we particular concerns over the ethical implications of the extent to which students voices and images could be stored on 3rd Party sites over which tutors had very little control with regards to how data was used. When considering time factors, Ann had concerns about the time it would take to download footage from her phone and then uploading it to the student feedback folders. Rob suggested Panopto as a way to deal with some of these issues as it was a University hosted service which allowed tutors to push work directly into student feedback folders without downloading and uploading lots of files. Also, as an Institutional system, any personal data is stored on internal servers, lessening the possibility of data being farmed out to third parties.
Together Rob, Charlie and Ann iteratively created a workflow Ann could use to efficiently use the systems she engaged with in order to provide the students with supplementary resources and timely feedback. When considering the videos created using the visualiser, Rob worked with Ann to identify ways in which resources could be created which drew on the lecturer’s knowledge and represented it in a manner which was engaging, concise, replicable and scalable in other areas. While there was an emphasis on designing a time and cost principles of practice, there was also an understanding that the resources, while being non-professional video productions, had to be of a high enough quality so that the student learning experience was not diminished.